Refurbished by Heiz24, what does that mean exactly


Example photos for a general overhaul of an article at Heiz24

Join in! - for the sake of the environment - save resources - cheaper spare parts
- less rubbish - we take care of it !
- with full 12 months warranty -
if you send in your defective article after purchase even 24 months warranty (like a new part) possible



Functional guarantee

If you send us your old defective article, including an exact error description, within 14 days after the purchase of one of our used articles at our expense, we will grant you a 24-month functional guarantee for this used article after the expiry of the cancellation period for the respective used article purchased from us, provided that this option is offered in the article description. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase. We will inform you of the functional guarantee and the exact guarantee period immediately after receipt of your old article and expiry of the cancellation period for the used article purchased from us, by means of a guarantee declaration by email. With receipt of the guarantee declaration the ownership of your used article is transferred to us. If you make use of your right of revocation after your purchase, we will return your defective article free of charge.

The functional guarantee includes the following services for a period of 24 months: If your article bought with Heiz24 should exhibit a malfunction within the guarantee period, you receive from us, after sending in the defective Heiz24 article, and exact error description an equivalent and from us examined, faultless spare article.