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Type: Mini Solar Power Plant PV Plug and Play Photovoltaic Starter Set 305 Watt NEW

Here a very good explanation video of the company EWE-Smartgeber to the topic Self PV or Plug and Play PV (Video source: EWE-Smartgeber)

NEWS: Since 27.4.2019 there is the following innovation, anyone can now connect to the power grid (source: http://www.sonnenseite.com/de/umwelt/mieter-duerfen-steckdosen-solargeraete-jetzt-selbst-anmelden.html)

Scope of delivery:
- 1x Solar panel 305 Wp Monocrystalline Full Black
- 1x inverter & mounting screws (stainless steel)
- 1x flat roof elevation e.g. in OST-WEST orientation on flat roof
- 1x Schuko plug
- 2x bitumen building protection mat
- 1x Schuko energy monitor for plugging into a socket (reading the solar yield in Euro)
- 1x Sinbon adapter plug with 5m cable
- 2x clamps stainless steel with screws for mounting inverter
- 3m cable protection conduit for cable under solar module
- 4x cable ties, black, for mounting the cables on the elevation
- Quick installation guide
Build your own solar power plant for the garden or flat roof! Super simple assembly due to plug-in plug-in system.
This set offers an ideal complete package for beginners to build their own photovoltaic (PV) system and generate their own electricity independently.

If you connect our 305WP panel to the EVT248 inverter and plug it into a socket, your own PV power is immediately fed into your power circuit and
Your electricity purchase from your electricity supplier will be reduced accordingly. With several switched panels, the meter simply stops in the best case and you supply yourself completely.
The energy monitor gives you an overview of the amount of electricity generated and the corresponding savings.
You can obtain a detailed overview of current and past performance of your PV system by connecting the EVB201 gateway (optional not included in the scope of delivery). Then you can view online at any time and from anywhere how your domestic photovoltaic system works, how much money and CO2 it saves.

Photovoltaic is ideal to reduce the ancillary costs! Cover your basic electricity requirements tomorrow with your own electricity production from this PV modular system with a simple plug-in system.
While you are on the move, supply the passive power guzzlers of your household (refrigerator, WLAN router, ice chest,...) or even your e-charging station with power in order to prevent the coal/turbo exit and
even promote e-mobility.
Set detail scope and technical details:

- 1x CSUN305-60M-BB Full Black 305 watt solar panel with monocrystalline cells for increased power output
The panel impresses with its undisputed balance of performance, durability and elegance.
By using monocrystalline high-performance cells, a much higher efficiency is achieved than with standard polycrystalline panels.
During processing, care was taken to use high-quality materials in order to ensure long-term stability, resilience and weather protection (especially hail).
Last but not least, the panel convinces visually with its elegant Full Black design with black frame and black back cover. The connection is made via a simple plug-in system.
-- Certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Technical data*:
Max. Tension:
32,4 V Module efficiency: 18,78%
Nominal power (Pmax):

Short-circuit current:
9,72 A
Power tolerance%.

Max. Current: 9,42 A

Levelling voltage: 39.9 V

* = Under standard test conditions: 1,000 W/m² ; 25°C module temperature; air mass 1.5

Solar panel data:

Solar cells: 6 x 10 monocrystalline
Max. Load: certified up to 5,400 Pa
Cell dimensions: 156 x 156 mm Junction box: IP67 certified
Front cover: 3.2 mm Hardened safety glass Connection type: MC4 or other compatible connection
Rear cover: Composite film Cable length: 900 mm
Encapsulation: EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)
Cable cross-section: 4,0 mm²
Frame: Black anodised aluminium alloy

Panel dimensions:
1640 x 992 x 35 mm ( L x W x D)
18,30 kg
Color frame: Black
Back Cover Color: Black

- 1x Envertech EVT248 Microinverter Inverter Mini-PV 300 WATT
The inverter is mounted and connected to the module rack.
The module inverter converts the solar energy (AC) in conformity with the grid and feeds it into the house grid (230V), where it is immediately available for consumption.

By connecting several micro inverters and a Sinbon cable string together, the solar system can also be retrofitted without any problems.

AC nominal voltage: 230V
Cooling: Natural convection, without fan
AC voltage range: 184...264V Max. Output current: 1.07A
AC rating
Power: 248W Power consumption: 100mW
Maximum DC current: 9.5A
Power factor: >0.99
Capacity: 300Wp Max. Efficiency: 95.6%.
Max. PV Voltage: 54V EU Efficiency: 95.0% (according to EN50530)
MPPT area:
28...42V Communication interface: Powerline Carrier (PLCC)
Operating temperature: -40°C - +65°C Monitoring: optional, EnverBrige (RJ45)

- 1x flat-roof aluminium stand for e.g. garages & car ports
Not sure which orientation is optimal for your plant? At www.Sonnenverlauf.de you can check the course of the sun for your location quickly and free of charge.

Note: Every building project is different, please ask for expert advice on loads and electrical connections of your property.
The connection of the mains supply may only be carried out by an authorised electrician in compliance with the respective regulations of the network operator and the Federal Network Agency!

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