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KaltecSoft is a cost-effective solution to protect the downstream drinking water system from limescale deposits. KaltecSoft combines the proven ion exchange technology with a modern control valve. Quantity-controlled regeneration ensures minimal consumption of drinking water and salt. KaltecSoft is easy to install and easy to operate. The system is designed for operation with asbit salt tablets (according to DIN EN 19604).

* Protection of household appliances
Whether washing machine, dishwasher or coffee machine, with soft water the limescale deposits in household appliances are enormously reduced and the service life increased.

* More safety for domestic water installations
Calcification can lead to blockage of the pipes, which considerably reduces the flow of water. In the worst case, the pipes may be replaced.

* Less lime, less cleaning
The cleaning effort and thus the consumption of cleaning agents are considerably reduced by the reduction of deposits in wash basins, bathtubs and shower walls.

* Soft water, soft laundry
Laundry washed with soft water not only feels softer, it also feels fresher. The colours are brighter and ironing is easier.

* Environmentally friendly
Less consumption of detergents and cleaning agents also means less pollution of the waste water.

- Waste water connection: 1/2
- Hose nozzle Connection size: 1 ET
- Construction 30: 1-3 family house
- Operating pressure: 1,3 - 8,5 bar Pressure loss at max. flow rate: 2,0 bar
- Flow rate: max. 3.2 cbm/h
- Power consumption: 2 W
- Nominal pressure: PN 10
- Mains voltage (ext. transformer): 230 V / 50 Hz
- Protection class: IP 22 Safety extra-low voltage: 24 V / 50 Hz
- Water temperature: 1 - 40 degrees C

- Housing
- microprocessor
- Control panel with status display
- Bottle with monodispersed ion exchange resin
- Bypass valve with integrated blending valve
- External transformer
- disinfection unit
- rotary valve
- Corrugated pipe connecting hoses
- Total hardness measuring set
Without Asbit salt tablets, please order separately
We expressly point out that only approved staff is permitted to work on electric- and gas-installations!