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Heiz24-Item Number.: Z0068
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Type: Comfort M2055 RFU999B01
Item no.: 138279
Number of levels: 2
Number of heating circuits: 1
Control for radiator heating circuit and/or mixer heating circuit; control of drinking water heating; control of a two-stage burner (oil, gas); digital 3-channel weekly timer; self-learning optimisation and self-adaptive heating curve. Various programs for heating, lowering, frost protection and holiday operation; automatic summer/winter time changeover. These controls exhibit two typical errors after a long period of operation: individual segments of the display fail partially due to contact problems (contact errors at the connections) and the internal clock must be reset in the event of power failures (capacity loss of the internal gold cap buffer). Both errors were eliminated by a specialist (contacts cleaned, gold cap replaced). temperature sensors are still required for operation: Original: Elesta FT1a as boiler circuit/flow sensor, PTC with 1000 Ohm at 25 degrees (KTY81-110). Outdoor sensor: FT 12a (NTC 10kOhm at 25 degrees). RFT 016a, RFT 017a, RFB 100a or RFB 105a are provided as room sensors. The sensors can be found or obtained "in the network".

An NTC/HEISSLEITER EPCOS B57703M103G40 10kOhm can also be used as an external sensor.
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